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There has been a lot of speculation and grandiose promises when speaking about Artificial Intelligence and some of the benefits related to the technologies.   This paper outlines some of the key considerations for providing a high success rate for the implementation and the return on your investment.


Understand the technology:

Prior to implementing, it is important to understand both the capabilities and potential pitfalls.   There are a lot of published use cases which outline the benefits, but there are also some potential constraints such as the unintentional sharing of proprietary information or personal information as well as implications on morale. 


Aligning to the Strategy:

Critical to the success of your organization, the AI strategy should fit within the current business strategy (unless it is being used as a new endeavor) and should consider implications that may influence your stakeholders (whether clients, citizens or competitors).   It is also important to understand the organizational readiness,  any proprietary considerations and guidelines that include privacy, security, ethics and governance.


Identify and Mapping Use Cases:

The use cases needed to be identified and mapped across the organization.  As part of this, your organization will need to understand what the use case is, the degree of impact and alignment to the organizational goals.   Some sample use cases from Chat GPT could be as natural language understanding for chatbots, image recognition for content moderation, or generating creative content for marketing campaigns.


Data Strategy:

Data is critical to the success and a data strategy, including the governance, design and implementation will position the project for success.



Once these pieces are in place, a 3-5 year plan should be considered including quick wins.  The plan should include the business case(s), change management and  communication, the selection of the most appropriate tool, implementation, and performance measurement.


There is tremendous potential for positive and change and following a structured approach will ensure that the organization is positioned for long term success. 

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